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Week 4 – Practicing Mindfulness with Course Goal November 17, 2017

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The course has been really good at making myself stop and pay attention to mindfulness. Lately, I have been focused on the work that is in front of me and as my manager said, “Not thinking of the Big Picture.” Our course goal is a small goal, but it will make a larger goal more achievable. I noticed that when I was listening to the lectures, I was reaching for my phone. I stopped and thought about that moment and pushed my phone aside. I think this is progress as small as it is.



Week 4 – Journal Assignment – Stress

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This week’s lectures were excellent. I’ve been going through a lot of stress lately at work and life. When I do my yoga practices, so many times I just end up in tears because I’m overwhelmed in all aspects of my life.

1. Common occurrences that invoke stress:

  • debt
  • workload
  • love life

2. Body sensations that arise with stress

  • increased heart rate
  • clenching of the muscles and hands
  • grinding teeth
  • feeling like I cannot breath

3. Personal Statement of Intention

I am human. I will switch my off switch, breathe and focus.

4. Off-Switch Protocol

  1. Notice body sensations
  2. take a breath
  3. Focus
  4. Take 5 deep breaths
  5. take a breath




Week 3 – Goal Check in November 11, 2017

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I thought this week’s focus and mini classes was very beneficial to my well being. I had a very stressful day at work. I have been tense all day, doing the mini class felt really good. It help me release a lot of the tension I have been holding.

Last week, I mentioned I wanted to play with my phone less. I thought that overall, this would help me become more focus not only in this course, but also at work too. This week, I was mindful at the start of my day to put my phone away in a drawer. My phone being physically away, has enabled me to focus more on the tasks at hand.

This goal is really important to me because it can positively affect so much of my life. I’m not focusing on the task at hand if I can see my phone. I was listening to the lectures and my mind started to wander, I picked up my phone and started reading an article while listening to the lecture. I realized I was not learning anything and I put my phone away.

I’ve been working really hard on my goal. It’s not a big change, but the effect is noticeable.



The Third Eye November 3, 2017

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I first learned about the third eye when I was doing a yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico with Akal Dev Sharone. She was a¬† musician-healer and she mostly focused on kundalini. During our yoga practice, she would often tell us to open our third eye. I struggled with this at first. However, near the end of the retreat I started “seeing” what was not there, I saw out of my third eye. I have not really been able to focus on my third eye (on occasion, I will remember to) until today.

Today, during our 5 senses meditation when we were focusing on what we saw. I thought I opened my eyes, but it turned out, I opened my third eye. I could feel the blinks they were taking and they were more frequent then I normally blink. I tried to test each of my eye to see which one was blinking, but they were both closed.



Week 2 – Weekly Goal & off the mat assignment

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During the meditation lectures I felt myself be very distracted. I would play with my nails or pick up my phone. I pick up my phone a lot, even at work. I know I just checked¬† but I’m always curious if I have any alerts to check or messages to respond to. I need to put my phone down and focus on my tasks. This goal also reflects to awakening to habits, our off the mat assignment.

My Weekly Goal

  • Not to look at my phone when I’m watching the lectures of this course.

What can I do today?

  • When I am focusing my attention on this class, I will put my phone in a drawer.

My Course Goal

My course goal is to take time to fully appreciate he videos and reflect on them and not just watch them all at once. By removing my phone distraction, my weekly goal will ensure that I am focusing on the course.

Awakening to Habits

I have a fitbit and during working hours, it will remind me to move if I have not walked at least 250 steps in past hour. I will use these alerts to remind myself not to pick up my phone and take 5 deep breaths.



Week 1 – Mini Self Check In October 26, 2017

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Coming back from a recent yoga retreat, self reflection and self awareness is constantly on my mind. I spent as much time as I was able during my time in Morocco writing in my journal about my thoughts, feelings and perceptions.

How am I feeling? I am tired. I still feel that I am not sleeping enough. I am jet lagged and I’m still in Paris time (6 hours ahead). I start to feel very tired in the late afternoon and almost zombie-like by the evening. I need to spend time doing yoga nidra so I feel more refreshed.

The course videos this week about mindfulness and meditation was very useful. Lately I’ve been feeling a lot of hip and back pain (from taking so many flights and different modes of transportation) and therefore, learning the proper way to meditate was very useful, although I still prefer lying down – I rarely fall asleep during meditation.

Since today I have a break from working out, I’m going to take about 20 minutes meditating and spend some time with the awareness practice.




KlutzyYogi’s Yoga Journey October 25, 2017

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I am currently taking a course through EdX called The Science and Practice of Yoga. As part of a requirement of this course, I will be using this blog for my journal reflections. I will be using the pseudonym “KlutzyYogi” for these posts.

Our first journal/reflection assignment this week is setting a goal for the course. After coming back from a yoga retreat, I am no stranger to journaling but setting a goal or intention will take more reflection.

My goal for the YogaMOOC is that I will log in to the course about 3 times a week (depending on the course load that week) and work through the course for no more than 45 minutes each time.

Sometimes when I am taking a MOOC, I spend too much time in one sitting trying to get through the course work and it does not give me time to actually digest the information that I am learning. I believe my goal is attainable and is feasible for the course.