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Review: The Ten Spot: The Facial 2.0 October 6, 2010

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         Getting facials is one of my favorite spa treatments because it gives your skin a much deserved cleanse, it’s super relaxing and it is a real treat. I have gotten facials at the Shizen Spa, Concepts, and Ici Paris just to name a few. Recently, I went to one of my favorite spots, the Ten Spot for their “anti-spa” facial in their facial bar. I love spa facials, and I love listening to solitudes music but they were offering a special I could not pass up. $65  introductory for their revamped facial, The Facial 2.0
            One of the things I like about spa facials is snuggling into a comfy robe/towel and being on a comfortable spa bed as someone pampers your face so I was not sure if I would like just changing my top into a coverup and wearing whatever I was wearing. I decided to get a Brazilian (which I will talk about another day!) and the facial with my favorite gal, Romana. After my Brazilian I was ready to relax with a facial.
            One thing about the facial bar is that if you don’t come with friends, you will be saddling up to a stranger and that stranger happened to be a man! I was given a coverup (wrap around towel) and I went to the washroom to change I could either take off my bra or hide the straps, I hid the straps. I sat next to the man in a chair that was similar to a barber chair but it leaned back. Romana looked at my face to decide how to proceed, it was kind of weird talking about your hormones causing your skin to break out, but whatever!
            The facial uses dermalogica products so the quality was great. Although, personally I prefer the Yonka facial. Romana went through each step with me so I knew what she was doing. The extractions were painful but worth it. They had two masks, I love the wet mask, but the collagen mask was only okay, I felt like I had a cold papertowel on my face. The hour went by quickly.
            In terms of quality, I’d say it is comparable and similar to other types of facials. In terms of relaxation; I was not relaxed at all. If you’re totally into the whole solitudes spa feel then this facial isn’t for you but if you just want an effective facial then this is the one. $65 for now ($80 after introductory price) is reasonable and comparative to facials of the same quality.


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