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Review: Elmwood Spa, Toronto January 6, 2016

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Disclaimer: Elmwood Spa did not pay or offer me any incentives to write this review.

Elmwood Spa

First Visit

My first visit to Elmwood spa was in August 2013. I had the Lava Shell Massage ($169 for 75 mins, RMT receipt provided).  The treatment consisted of a body exfoliation, a shower with seaweed to rinse off, followed by a heated massage by a lava shell with a seaweed massage oil blend. The treatment and massage were both very relaxing, however, due to the delicacy of the shell, they cannot put too much pressure to not break the shell. While I enjoyed the massage, the pressure was not strong enough for me. 8/10

Second Visit

Although I was not sure the service that I had the first time at Elmwood was worth the money, I did enjoy the overall spa day I had so I took my friend here for her birthday. I decided this time to have a stronger massage, a Hot Stone Massage ($169 for 80 min, RMT receipt included) which is a Swedish massage with hot basalt stones.  This time I was really disappointed in my massage because my Massage Therapist did not provide proper pressure even though I asked her THREE times. She said she was afraid of “hurting” me. I enjoyed the relaxation of the massage but it certainly did not provide back relief. 7/10

Third Visit

I was not planning on going back but a friend of mine gave me a gift certificate. This time I had an Elmline Essential Facial ($109 for 50 min)and a Tuscan Citrus & Herb Body Scrub ($159 for 80 min, RMT receipt included). The facial was pretty standard for a facial. The scrub was good and made my body feel invigorated. The massage was gentle but it made it a relaxing part of my treatment. 8/10

Fourth Visit

After a busy year a friend and I decided to go for an  Aromatherapy Massage ($119 for 50 mins, RMT receipt included) and lunch. FINALLY I had a great Massage Therapist, Abigail (Queenie) who knew what she was doing. I was experiencing a lot of pain in my shoulders and Abigail knew exactly what to do to fix up my problem. She was not afraid to use the proper pressure. She was wonderful! 9/10

Fifth Visit

I took the same friend back for her third visit to Elmwood Spa for her birthday. We decided to do the Holiday Sparkle Package which included   lunch and a Swedish Massage ($109 for 50 min, RMT receipt included).  Her technique was okay but she was too bony and sometimes it was uncomfortable. 7/10 

Spa Lunch

It is really relaxing to enjoy your three-course meal in the Terrace restaurant in your spa robes. The food is really good and worth it for $29. Sometimes there are deals where lunch is included which makes it even better. The lunch is always delicious and extends your visit. 8/10

Water Therapies

One of the highlights of the Elmwood Spa is their Water Therapies, which are included in most spa treatments over $99. This offers you access to the pool, the steam rooms and whirlpools. There is a lovely whirlpool in the women’s change room. I could spend all day in the women’s change room in the whirlpool and steam room. Going to the Water Therapies area is hit or miss depending on who the guests are. We went once when there was some rowdy girls and hot and steamy couples which made it less relaxing. 8/10


Overall, I enjoy the experience that Elmwood Spa offers but their treatments could use some improvements. If you do the water therapies, have lunch and get a treatment then it is a great full day experience that is not really offered anywhere else in Toronto.   For the price of the treatments, I do expect something better but they meet the minimum expectations for a relaxing and enjoyable spa treatment.

Facilities 9/10

Treatments 7/10

Customer Service 8/10

Overall 8/10image1


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