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Heat January 7, 2016

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On a bright Sunday morning I found out that our furnace broke and that night was going to be one of the coldest nights of the winter season dropping down to a -15˚C without wind chill. We called for someone to come and they told us that either we could fix the part or replace the furnace completely. Our furnace was about 16 years old so we decided to replace it completely because the furnace always broke on the coldest day of the year. They told us they had to buy it but will come first thing on Monday to fix.

During the day, the house was slightly cold but manageable. I refused to wear a coat at home. Nighttime was a different story.  I was using a space heater until my Mom had me switch to a larger one. I had the heater on for about an hour before the fuse blew. When we went to the fuse box we found that the switch was missing so that we could not restart it. I decided to forgo the heater and sleep with 2 blankets instead. Thus began my night sleeping without heat.

I had shelter, two blankets, and warm clothes if I choose to wear it. I actually felt very comfortable and cozy and the only part of my body that was cold was my nose. On Monday morning, the house was very cold. Whenever I turned on a faucet the water would be freezing and washing my hands in cold water in a cold house caused irritation to my hands.

It was not until Monday night when the furnace was fixed and heating the house for several hours that I finally felt warm after almost 2 days. That night, I felt so lucky to have heat.

Moments like this remind us that heat is a simple luxury and we should never take it for granted.




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