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The Seduction of Tulum, MX Part II January 9, 2016

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Searching for yoga retreats is a daunting task. There are many important criteria to think about. I think the most important criteria is the location. Yoga can be done anywhere, but why would you do yoga in a small cramped room when you can take your practice on a yoga deck overlooking the ocean? The second criteria I look for is price. Yoga retreats can range from budget friendly to exorbitantly luxurious. The issue with many yoga retreats is that flights are never included, and therefore you have to put that into consideration. My first yoga retreat took me to Montezuma, Costa Rica at Anamaya Resort and it was very difficult to find another location that would be budget friendly and offer similar amazing views.

I scoured the internet, but one of the webpages I kept coming back to was Yoga Adventures Tulum. Tulum is a beach town about an hour and a half away from Cancun. This yoga retreat was on the Tulum Beach and you could stay in an open-air beach house. This place looked amazing, but one of the issues I had with this place was that it only had basic necessities. The Tulum beach is not on a power grid so all power was generated by a generator, and this was only turned on very sparingly. This meant that I would not be able to charge my electronics, there was no AC and in since the house was open-air it was exposed to the elements.

Finally, I decided to book it. I choose the Sup Retreat where one of your daily yoga classes was on a paddleboard. I never been on a paddleboard before so I thought it was a good challenge to take on. My package included an intention ceremony, daily SUP yoga practices, a daily oceanfront practice, accommodations, breakfast and lunch. I choose the El Tigre room which was a single oceanfront room. Although the price was slightly more expensive than my Costa Rican yoga retreat, being on the beach does have its benefits. Little did I know that the basic necessities this retreat offers healed my spirit and soul.Vacation 159




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