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Series vs. Standalone Books January 11, 2016

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When I was doing my Goodread’s Reading Challenge in 2015, I pledged to read 100 books. I would get very excited when I found a series that I really enjoyed because that meant I could read a few more of the same kind of book. I felt that ever since Twilight, trilogies or series books got really popular. Notable trilogies include of course Hunger Games and Divergent. Lately I’ve found that trilogies were coming less common, and series books (more than 3 books) were also becoming more popular. Sometimes I felt really excited when I found out there was a 4th book and other times, there were so many books in the series that I had to give up. At times I felt that the publishers were just trying to milk the story as much as possible with multiple books and novellas. Sometimes I felt the novellas were very forced.

One of the series that I gave up partway through, is P.C Cast’s House of Night Series. I think somewhere around book 7 (there are 12 books in total) I was starting to get tired of the characters (the main character is an idiot) and plot which got more and more ridiculous. I have 2 more books to read through before I finish the series but I had to take a long break. Even if I really liked the books sometimes I would not read them and read other books in between because I felt that I needed a different type of writing style.

Series that I could not get enough of was Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy (7 books) and C.C. Hunter’s Shadow Falls (5 books). I could not get enough of these two series. I liked how the authors would continue to have character development (this was especially good in Vampire Academy) and the plots were fresh.

One of the books that I felt could have been a series was Naomi Novak’s Uprooted. This book had a really interesting concept with interesting characters. I felt that one long book (over 400 pages) was too much, I think it could have been diluted into 3 books (about 250 pages each). I just felt it was too much to take in one book.

What do you prefer? Series or standalone books?




4 Responses to “Series vs. Standalone Books”

  1. Cari Says:

    I usually gravitate toward series! I love having another book to pick up without thinking about it. However I agree some series go on too long! I LOVE the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. One of my all time favorites. I’m currently reading the Last Apprentice series and am enjoying it. I read a lot of the Anita Blake series, and I think that one has gone on way too long. Hopefully some people are still enjoying it though 🙂 if I just want a quick read, I like a stand alone book.

  2. Cari Says:

    It’s about the fae, so hopefully you like paranormal 🙂 just a warning, hers definitely end in cliff hangers that make you want to pick up the next one! I hope you enjoy it!

  3. […] to me by my fellow blogger, Cari at Cozy Bear Book Review when she commented on my blog post about Series Vs. Standalone Books. We both tend to gravitate towards series. I was very excited to read this […]

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