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The Seduction of Tulum, MX Part IV January 23, 2016

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As soon as you enter through the large red door with UTOPIA written on it, you are transported your own private paradise. The ocean breeze, Christina (the owner) and her staff welcome you to your new home. Christina tells you to get out of your clothes and into something more appropriate for the beach. As soon as I walked into my room, El Tigre, my worries subsided. I tossed my airport clothes, changed into a bathing suit and jumped into the ocean steps from the beach house. This would set the mood for the rest of the week. This was probably the first place I ever went to where the staff did not have to tell you to relax, you just did it automatically.
El Tigre was well appointed and comfortable with a very generous breeze. There was enough space for me to do everything and it was very comfortable. The window seat is much large than it looks and it was great to relax on it. The entire house was designed to ensure maximum air flow and comfort. However, since I’m a bug magnet I had to sleep under the mosquito netting which made it stifling and uncomfortable. I slipped my fan under my mosquito netting and was lulled to sleep by the breeze and the sound of the ocean – problem solved. I survived with no AC 🙂
Honestly, you do not need power 24/7. Makes me rethink how wasteful I’ve been with energy. It was also very refreshing not to be surrounded by electronics. You no longer hear that buzz of electricity that we’re all so accustomed to.
At Utopia, your attitude changes and you become more easygoing and relaxed. You perceive time differently in Tulum. My time at the house almost seemed like a dream I do not ever want to wake up from. Do not think that not having certain comforts and luxury as a bad thing; it was actually a positive thing because those “basic necessities” were a distraction. I learned that I could live a much more simplistic lifestyle and still be happy. I would recommend that if you’re especially weary of going to Utopia you need to come more than anything.
The Yoga/Stand Up Paddle Board retreat was amazing! Rebecca Jo the instructor was super amazing (see if you can find my photo on the website). I cannot even describe what a wonderful retreat this was. Imagine doing your yoga on a paddle board, and while you’re doing your sun salutations the sun is shining on your skin and there are fishes swimming around you. The cenote and lagoon spots were chosen with care. Unbelievable.
I am not a spiritual person. I had a Mayan healing massage performed by a Mayan shaman. As soon as I got up on the table I started feeling a tingling through my arms. I thought it was “pins and needles” from the position so I started pumping my hands to get the blood flowing. The shaman made me stop. The tingling got so intense my head was actually lifting off the table but since the shaman didn’t seem to mind, I went with it. Then she did something to my feet and then both my legs felt like they were vibrating. I suddenly had a vision of energy surging through my body from my legs. Then I blacked out for a moment. It felt like I floated off of my body and entered it again. I described it as a “spiritual realignment.” When she told me to turn over I told her about the vibrations and she said that I was not allowing myself to receive energy so the massage allowed me to receive it. It’s possible she was using something trippy to massage me and there’s a explanation for the experience but it was an amazing massage.
There is something about Tulum that is very spiritual and relaxing, your mind, body and soul readjusts and Utopia amplifies the effect. I always try to go somewhere different, but I kept wanting to go back to Tulum.
 (my quote from Rebecca Jo’s website)

“what I loved about your class was that it was honest. it’s just you, your board/mat and breath,  there’s no hidden agenda.  you taught me to slow down my practice and use my breath better. a week with you made a world of difference in how my body felt. for the first time in years, my body feels relaxed for more than an hour. now when I do my own practice, I’m mindful of alignment and being more intuitive to my body.

– lukie y.

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