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Review: DarkFever by Karen Marie Moning March 5, 2016

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This recommendation for DarkFever was given to me by my fellow blogger, Cari at Cozy Bear Book Review when she commented on my blog post about Series Vs. Standalone Books. We both tend to gravitate towards series. I was very excited to read this book.

The Prologue caught my attention right away, “…any day nobody’s trying to kill me is a good day in my book.” The Prologue provided the reader with the background info of the current situation with the fae. I quickly forgot about the Prologue at the first chapter because you’re introduced to a very different version of the protagonist, MacKayla Lane from a year ago.

I really enjoyed how Moning set the scene of the story, MacKayla  was a simple girl from Georgia with no real ambition. Her sister, Alina Lane was more ambitious she she was currently in Ireland completing her studies. In the first scene, MacKayla was lounging in the pool at home. MacKayla drops her cellphone in the pool and so she has been using the land line. When a call comes she expects its her parents who were away on vacation, instead she finds out that her sister has been murdered. After a brief grieving period she decides to go to Ireland to find out what happened to her sister.When McKayla finally replaces her phone, she founds she found some very eerie and cryptic messages from her sister before she died.

When MacKayla first arrives in Ireland, the scene plays out like a horror story. Naive American girl goes to a foreign country and stays in a creepy inn. MacKayla has a really rough time in Ireland, and I feel the sense of hopelessness as she tries with very little clues about the death of her sister. After getting lost in a creepy part of town, MacKayla stumbles into a bookstore where she meets Jericho Barrons. At this point, MacKayla is still painfully ignorant and she gets herself into a lot of trouble because she has no idea what she is getting into. Although we know very little about Jericho in this book, I am hoping he’s not her romantic interest because he seems like an abusive asshole.

Writing about fae is hard to do because so many books have good ideas about the fea but poor execution.  Moning does a decent job of painting a realistic fae world that interacts with the human world. Moning’s writing is easy to read, but sometimes I do get lost because she does go on and on. One of the interesting things that Moning does in her writing is that she foreshadows the story. As a reader, you know that MacKayla will survive past the current book. You can also see the gradual shift in MacKayla’s personality and maturity.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It was an easy read and it was full of action. I really liked that the story was set in Ireland because it made it more interesting with the historical aspects. There were some parts that were a little bit unbelievable, but I think it was because we are discovering the story through the eyes of MacKaya, i think there is potential that she will grow and perhaps the world that we are immersed in will be more believable. I will probably read the second book in the stories. Thanks Cari for a good recommendation!





2 Responses to “Review: DarkFever by Karen Marie Moning”

  1. deborahkehoe Says:

    I loved this series. Keep reading! It gets even better!

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