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Review: The Princess Twins and the Birthday Party by Mona Hodgson March 25, 2016

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I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

This is a great book for children who likes Princesses and birthday parties! As an added bonus, there are twins involved! I read this book myself and then read it to a four year old. The four year old enjoyed the plot of the story and was engaged throughout the entire book. This is a good book to read to children and also a good book to teach children how to read. The language is effective and easy. The twins’ excitement in the story make it very fun to read to a child who is having a birthday party. The story is very simple and sweet and has a very good moral of the story. I thought the Princesses in the story were very relatable and down to earth. This book had a very good message especially since bullying is very prominent in today’s world. I think it’s very important to teach children the importance of not judging someone by the way they are dressed or what they can afford. If they see someone that feels left out, they should make an effort to make that person feel included. The book was aesthetically pleasing with a sturdy cover and pages. The book is easy for children to hold. The pictures are not overly stimulating but they were colourful and pretty. The Christian theme in this book was very well done and it teaches children about what being a real Christian is about. I think this book is great even if you’re not Christian because it teaches kindness and love, no matter what religion you are (if any) this message is an important one to convey.



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