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Review: Switched by Amanda Hocking December 30, 2016

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Although I’ve read far better books than Amanda Hocking’s Switched I choose to do a review on it because it’s a supernatural book without vampires! This series is about Trolls or the Trylle. Another interesting element to this book is that there are changelings. Children switched at birth.

Wendy Everly’s Mother tried to kill her on her 6th birthday calling her a monster. Wendy lives with her aunt Maggie and brother Matt. Matt acts a bit creepy towards her, very overprotective almost to the point of abuse but I think this may be a plot line later in the book.

Wendy has never fit in until a mysterious good looking boy (aren’t they all?) Finn treats her poorly and then wins her over. Finn tells her that she is a Troll and that she is also a changeling, they switched her at birth. She runs off with Finn when she is attacked by the Vittra

It is a very short book (less than 200 pages) so I do not want to go into the plot in too much detail. There are some new supernatural elements that make the story interesting. Wendy is an average protagonist  but I really hate how she think she’s in love and acts really irrational.

There is  a lot of teenage angst but I find this book is refreshing from the other YA supernatural books. There’s also more depth to this book than initially thought, there a lot of abuse at play, emotional and physical and I am hoping that this gets played out later in the plot. In the version of the book I read, there was a short story called “The Vittra Attacks” and it’s about the Vittra’s point of view, in the story it indicates that the Vittra Queen is in an abusive relationship.  For  those who enjoy psychoanalysis, this book will be very interesting to read. This would be a perfect beach read.




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