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KlutzyYogi’s Yoga Journey October 25, 2017

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I am currently taking a course through EdX called The Science and Practice of Yoga. As part of a requirement of this course, I will be using this blog for my journal reflections. I will be using the pseudonym “KlutzyYogi” for these posts.

Our first journal/reflection assignment this week is setting a goal for the course. After coming back from a yoga retreat, I am no stranger to journaling but setting a goal or intention will take more reflection.

My goal for the YogaMOOC is that I will log in to the course about 3 times a week (depending on the course load that week) and work through the course for no more than 45 minutes each time.

Sometimes when I am taking a MOOC, I spend too much time in one sitting trying to get through the course work and it does not give me time to actually digest the information that I am learning. I believe my goal is attainable and is feasible for the course.



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