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Week 1 – Mini Self Check In October 26, 2017

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Coming back from a recent yoga retreat, self reflection and self awareness is constantly on my mind. I spent as much time as I was able during my time in Morocco writing in my journal about my thoughts, feelings and perceptions.

How am I feeling? I am tired. I still feel that I am not sleeping enough. I am jet lagged and I’m still in Paris time (6 hours ahead). I start to feel very tired in the late afternoon and almost zombie-like by the evening. I need to spend time doing yoga nidra so I feel more refreshed.

The course videos this week about mindfulness and meditation was very useful. Lately I’ve been feeling a lot of hip and back pain (from taking so many flights and different modes of transportation) and therefore, learning the proper way to meditate was very useful, although I still prefer lying down – I rarely fall asleep during meditation.

Since today I have a break from working out, I’m going to take about 20 minutes meditating and spend some time with the awareness practice.




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