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The Third Eye November 3, 2017

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I first learned about the third eye when I was doing a yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico with Akal Dev Sharone. She was a  musician-healer and she mostly focused on kundalini. During our yoga practice, she would often tell us to open our third eye. I struggled with this at first. However, near the end of the retreat I started “seeing” what was not there, I saw out of my third eye. I have not really been able to focus on my third eye (on occasion, I will remember to) until today.

Today, during our 5 senses meditation when we were focusing on what we saw. I thought I opened my eyes, but it turned out, I opened my third eye. I could feel the blinks they were taking and they were more frequent then I normally blink. I tried to test each of my eye to see which one was blinking, but they were both closed.



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