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Week 2 – Weekly Goal & off the mat assignment November 3, 2017

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During the meditation lectures I felt myself be very distracted. I would play with my nails or pick up my phone. I pick up my phone a lot, even at work. I know I just checked  but I’m always curious if I have any alerts to check or messages to respond to. I need to put my phone down and focus on my tasks. This goal also reflects to awakening to habits, our off the mat assignment.

My Weekly Goal

  • Not to look at my phone when I’m watching the lectures of this course.

What can I do today?

  • When I am focusing my attention on this class, I will put my phone in a drawer.

My Course Goal

My course goal is to take time to fully appreciate he videos and reflect on them and not just watch them all at once. By removing my phone distraction, my weekly goal will ensure that I am focusing on the course.

Awakening to Habits

I have a fitbit and during working hours, it will remind me to move if I have not walked at least 250 steps in past hour. I will use these alerts to remind myself not to pick up my phone and take 5 deep breaths.



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